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ZAK as landfill operator with REMEX as partner

European tender process for the landfill project

Due to the financial and legal challenges associated with the expansion of the Kapiteltal landfill over the entire course of the project until 2081, the Zentrale Abfallwirtschaft Kaiserslautern (ZAK) was looking for a reliable and solvent cooperation partner for the implementation of the complex landfill project. ZAK selected the contracting party in the form of a Europe-wide declaration of interest procedure.

High demands on private cooperation partner

Due to the high financial requirements on the one hand, and the required technical competence on the other, only a few companies saw themselves in a position to submit a qualified application for the Kapiteltal project as part of the Europe-wide search. After successful negotiations, REMEX Deponiegesellschaft Kapiteltal mbH (shareholders: REMEX GmbH and REMEX SüdWest GmbH) concluded the corresponding contract with ZAK in 2014.

ZAK retains independence and responsibility

ZAK remains the operator of the landfill under waste law and is responsible for

the construction of the multi-functional seal above the old landfill part and the base sealing for extension areas outside the old body

sealing, closure and aftercare of the new DK I landfill section

the formation of provisions for closure and aftercare phase

ZAK also keeps the right to deposit quantities acquired by itself within the associated area and from public-sector clients outside this area. Based on its cooperation with REMEX, ZAK thus fulfils its responsibility to secure disposal capacities and stable disposal fees in its territory while not bearing any financial risk.

REMEX finances and markets

REMEX Deponiegesellschaft Kapiteltal mbH (RDK) is responsible for a quota of 6.9 million m³, which it can market with the exceptions guaranteed to ZAK. RDK also guarantees a minimum annual delivery quantity.

REMEX pays a monthly fee for the quota allocation. Additional fees are paid to ZAK for provision, closure and aftercare costs and services.

The construction costs are independent of the volumes and are paid in the amount of the actual costs incurred. REMEX has also provided appropriate guarantees for the costs of closure and aftercare of the landfill in the event that the disposal phase ends earlier than planned. The monthly fees are also secured by guarantees. The financial risk for the landfill project is therefore solely borne by REMEX.

Key points of the quota agreement

  • Disposal capacity => approx. 12 million tonnes of class DK I waste
  • Landfill construction => investment by REMEX
  • Marketing of landfill volume => by REMEX
  • Operation of the landfill => by ZAK
  • Monthly provision and service charge => from REMEX to ZAK
  • Closure and aftercare => economic obligation of REMEX