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New landfill on old landfill site

Landfill construction concept "New on old"

In order to meet future market requirements for landfill volumes in the region, it was obvious to use the existing site at Kapiteltal for implementing the concept of expanding the landfill by constructing a DK I landfill on the old landfill of landfill class DK II. The landfill construction work for the landfill expansion will be carried out in nine construction phases. Originally planned for 2025, the work is expected to be completed two years earlier, in 2023.

Optimised use of landfill site Kapiteltal

The new landfill section uses 21.3 hectares of the old landfill area and an additional 10.3 hectares of the surrounding Kapiteltal valley. First, the final profile of the old landfill body had to be completed before construction of the new section could begin. The surface sealing for the old landfill and the base sealing for the new landfill were designed in the form of MFD (multi-functional sealing). ZAK is responsible for the construction of the landfill and thus also for the tendering and selection of the construction company for the construction of the new landfill. REMEX supplies the various types of landfill construction materials.

Key data Kapiteltal landfill

  • Landfill construction: 2015 to 2025 – expected completion 2023
  • Deposit phase: 2016 to 2051 – adjustments possible
  • Closure and aftercare: until 2081 – adjustment possible