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Collaboration on landfill projects with prepaid landfill

Joining forces with PP-LANDFILL

PP-LANDFILL is a REMEX partnership model for the creation of landfill capacities, in particular for lightly contaminated DK-I waste. The support begins already in the planning phase: e.g. with the preparation of a feasibility study for the conversion of a former gravel/sand/clay pit into a landfill or with the examination of the extension possibilities of an existing landfill. As a cooperation partner, we assume the costs and long-term financial risks associated with the planning, construction, operation, closure and aftercare of the new landfill or landfill section. more


Realisation of Kapiteltal landfill

The example of the Kapiteltal landfill shows that the PP-LANDFILL model successfully combines municipal interests with ecological and economic advantages. This approach was implemented together with Zentrale Abfallwirtschaft Kaiserslautern (ZAK) as part of the "new on old" landfill expansion. more


Landfill construction materials

For the entire construction project at the Kapiteltal landfill site, more than 2 million tonnes of different secondary aggregates are required. more


Landfill Directive for safe waste disposal

The Landfill Directive regulates the construction, operation, closure and aftercare of landfills in a uniform and strict manner throughout Germany. In particular, the paragraphs on conditions for landfilling, acceptance procedures, closure and aftercare show how high the safety requirements for today's landfills are and that new developments are constantly being incorporated on the basis of the "state-of-the-art" principle. more

The importance of landfills

Some types of waste, especially mineral waste, remain unsuitable for recycling, as it is not always possible to eliminate all relevant pollutants. In this case, the only alternative course of action is to discharge these substances from the material cycle in the form of a deposit at a landfill site. Consequently, landfill operators are especially responsible for environmental and resource protection and thus for securing the future of a modern society. The legal framework for dealing with waste forms the basis of all these activities. more


Landfill films

Impressions of the Kapiteltal landfill construction

ZDH as another example for successful landfill management

Landfill slider

Easy-to-use and practical, our PP-LANDFILL slider with assignment values of the German Landfill Directive and TR Boden 

REMEX Solutions

PP-LANDFILL is part of REMEX Solutions. Further information on our sustainable construction materials and service solutions can be found here.


We are the right contact for mineral waste management. more

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