Joining forces with pp.landfill

pp.landfill is a cooperation model between REMEX and the public waste disposal industry. As a cooperation partner, the REMEX Group assumes the costs and long-term financial risks in connection with the construction, operation, closure and aftercare of a landfill site. At the same time, the company markets a contractually regulated landfill volume and thus ensures economical landfill operation. The municipality remains a responsible landfill operator within the framework of waste legislation and retains the right to accept waste within its own jurisdiction.

The importance of landfills

Some types of waste, especially mineral waste, remain unsuitable for recycling, as it is not always possible to eliminate all relevant pollutants. In this case, the only alternative course of action is to discharge these substances from the material cycle in the form of a deposit at a landfill site. Consequently, landfill operators are especially responsible for environmental and resource protection and thus for securing the future of a modern society. The legal framework for dealing with waste forms the basis of all these activities.