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Disposal security through landfills

Challenges in creating sufficient landfill capacity

When creating landfill space, both public and private waste management companies must meet increasing legal and financial requirements while taking into account a large number of different waste management aspects.

Waste disposal management in transition

Landfills operate within a legally regulated framework that has significantly increased the safety of landfills over the past decades. The reason for this are numerous European and German legal regulations which reinforce the protection of the environment. more

Securing disposal capacities for mineral waste

The German Federal Statistical Office regularly publishes a waste balance sheet. The volume of waste produced in 2020 was 414 million tonnes. According to these statistics, the proportion of construction and demolition waste is by far the largest waste stream. Despite a high recycling rate, approximately 25 million tonnes of mineral waste remain every year, which still must be disposed of. more

Opportunities for old landfill sites

As a result of the definitive ban in 2005 on the deposit of untreated waste on landfill sites, numerous landfills were closed prematurely. As a result, these landfills had to enter the closure phase earlier than originally planned, with the backfill volume not being fully used. Landfills that were in the landfilling, closure or aftercare phase on 16 July 2009 are referred to as “old landfills”. It may make sense for local authorities to use these existing sites to create new landfill capacities. more