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Alternative name for PP-LANDFILL: public private landfill

Public private partnership for landfills

When planning a new landfill, a new section or an extension of a landfill, the landfill operator is faced with the decision on the type of implementation. After all, considerable financial security must be provided for the operation and long-term aftercare of a landfill site. One possibility is the PP-LANDFILL model as a cooperation between public and private partners. The model is also referred to as prepaid landfill because, as a private partner, we provide the financial investments starting from the landfill planning phase up until the aftercare phase. This way, cooperation with a strong partner such as REMEX promises to ease the burden on municipal budgets and fee payers. 

Conceptual components

In the PP-LANDFILL model, the share of public and private partner tasks are distributed so that the skills, resources and networks of both sides are optimally utilised. This provides the basis for individual and optimised waste management solutions.

Joining forces for efficient landfill management

Public authority contract partner

  • remains the owner of the landfill and the land
  • remains the landfill operator and permit holder in accordance with waste legislation
  • can make use of existing infrastructure and staff
  • owns the decision-making process for planning, construction, closure and aftercare of the site
  • reserves the right to handle and manage waste from its jurisdiction
  • bears no economic risk
  • bears no risk due to possible higher technical or legal requirements in the future
  • remains responsible for the tendering and awarding of contracts for services relating to the landfill site, e.g. production of sealing systems, construction services, repair and refurbishment

REMEX as private contract partner

  • is granted a right of use, i.e. may independently and autonomously market a quota of the landfill
  • bears the costs of the planning approval and the selection/tendering procedure upon conclusion of the contract
  • bears all costs and risks in connection with the construction, closure and aftercare of the landfill
  • makes advance, timely payments for the construction of the landfill before the start of the respective award procedure and pays the actual construction costs in line with corresponding invoicing
  • covers and secures closure and aftercare costs - by means of a guarantee and/or corresponding payments in good time before the landfill measures are carried out
  • deposits a guarantee for the worst-case scenario, i.e. if landfill filling is terminated prematurely
  • bears the costs of the infrastructure, i.e. all costs associated with the acceptance, installation and provision of the landfill volume